The Witness Spoiler-Free Tips

For those of you who are looking for a couple of guidance of the Witness but you do want not to have all of the solutions, this post will give a couple of spoiler-free tips that will help you when you have problem.

When you have a journey through the mysterious island, you will find a couple of puzzle panels which come with odd colors and symbols which at first glance makes no sense. If you have this kind of situation, it is better for you to leave them and you can explore until you find a couple of more basic puzzle panels which show the new mechanics more deliberately and slowly.

If the specific puzzle is showing the trouble for you with no clear answer, you have to focus on your surroundings. Panel or puzzle sometimes is connected to something in environment or related to the perspective matter.

A lot of Choices

You have to keep in mind that not all of the puzzles come in one solution. The real fact is that there are a couple of puzzles that come with different paths and a couple of end or start points, and also a couple of them that can trigger a couple of different switches. You have to consider about the puzzle panels that have more than one cable that is connected and check out when you solve it which ones light up.

The Light should be followed

It has been mentioned above that when specific panels are done, cables should be corresponded so that the power will be lighted up. You just have to follow these cables for those of you who not sure where the place to go next. They will sometimes go to the panels that have been previously disabled, and areas that have been previously locked can be opened up.

Audio Visual

You have to consider that what is in front of you is not relied by every puzzle. For those of you who cannot find anything which is relevant to the jobs at hand, maybe there will be audio cues in specific areas of the island which can lead you to the solution for the puzzle that you deal with.

You have to check out how structural the puzzle is in the Witness. They all start with huge circle, follow a path, and finish at a half circle. You will start finding these shapes if you explore long enough.