Valve bans CSGO players who have involved in match-fixing

Counter Strike Global Offensive

A good rule has been announced by Valve for Counter Strike Global Offensive in professional scene. They do banning for pro players who have match-fixing issue in major tournaments. This new rule is officially announced and starts in January 2015. For your information, match-fixing has been spread out in competitive scenes these days especially for some major games such as CSGO and Dota 2. Match-fixing here refers to a team which deliberately loses their match in order to get much betting-money on some betting websites or other purposes. As announcement, Valve will punish a permanent-ban for those players who are involved in this issue evidently.

In the Counter Strike Global Offensive official blog, Valve announces that the permanent ban is not only painful for CSGO community, but also disruptive the community itself. They think it is necessary to make better community either. Lastly, they hope this issue won’t be appeared anymore in the future especially in competitive tournaments. It means that banning players are not only important for normal gamers, but also professional scenes. Moreover, they have fans that support their gaming-activity. It is really disgusting when those pro players just show their ego by match-fixing a match. Valve has a good start against this bad attitude because permanent banning will give big impact for the pro players.

The permanent banning for Counter Strike Global Offensive match-fixing pro players starts from January 2015. This banning system is not only for pro-players actually, but also all affected staff in a competitive gaming team. At this moment, there are three teams which are already banned. They are Team Torqued, iBUYPOWER and Those teams are evidently done match-fixing in their latest competitive tournaments. Their purpose is to gain the higher value of in-game stuff. Then, they sold those high-valued items in Steam market.

The punishment of this permanent-ban in the Counter Strike Global Offensive competitive scene will not allow the affected team to play in any tournament forever. CSGO is one of popular games that have big number of players on Steam besides of Dota 2. This game was pop out on the hot topic since Valve updated their new pistol into overpowered damage. Because of this issue, people are attracted to play this game and the community comes bigger and bigger. Let us see, how many impacts that are affected of this new rule in CSGO tournament scene. Stay calm and keep playing CSGO.