Hay Day Triche Tutorial with Step-by-Step Guidance


Are you fond of playing online games from your Android devices? Then hay day made by Supercell is one of those well-known farming games you need to consider. Playing hay day is not that easy because you need to have a lot of diamonds and also coins. However, when you have problem collecting it, you can take benefits of the hay day triche tutorial. For the people who know nothing about hack tutorial or hack online, you do not have to feel worried or troubled because here we are going to guide you with step-by-step tutorial which can help you out of this bewilderment.

Hay day triche tutorial with step-by-step guidance might facilitate all of you to know exactly what you should do first, then what to do next, and how to end it up getting both diamonds and coins that you want to get so badly. If you are going to have tons of diamonds and sacks of coins, here we are going to tell you what you should really do to make it happens.

There are only 5 steps of following the guidance from us. Although it might be only a few things to do but it will turn out so great in your playing account. We are getting started.

  1. You need to access http://hackcheatgame.com/hay-day/ and start entering your username you use in your hay day profile. Sometimes it can be the name you use in your Facebook account too.
  2. There would be 2 blank columns of amounts you need to fill it. The first one is the amount of coins while the other is the amount of diamonds. For both columns, the maximum number you can set up is 50.000 each.
  3. Under those two columns, you can notice there are 2 choices that you can tick. The first one is use proxy and the other one is unlock all building. You can tick both of them so that without reaching some certain levels, you can have bought and installed those building and machines.
  4. After everything has been fully filled, you can click the button of proceed and it will process your demand. When it is nearly finished, you need to verify that you are not bot.
  5. Restart you device once and log in again into your account which is linked to the game. Enjoy the game.

Thus, these 5 steps of hay day hack tutorial might enable you to have better facilities while playing.