Divide Review: Modern Isometric Game


It is always cool to see an isometric game like Divide hitting modern and future world settings. However, those praises wouldn’t be realized when the game comes with major bugs. The eleven hours of the story becomes the main feature of this game instead. David who has lost his daughter after wearing modern contact lenses on his eyes from the guy who worked with his wife is the character that we should play in this game. He haunts the answer of his lost through a surreal and futuristic setting in the game. This plot is pretty much a good start for an isometric game. But, the result does not always attract us as well.


Honestly, the gameplay of Divide is much more repetitive and cyclical. It makes the game more tedious and unattractive but the story. The poor objectives of the game force you to read and listen to every dialogue lines of the characters very carefully. As a result, the player should explore the same locations repetitively. It is even worse when you see the same layout and design of the area surroundings. And here comes the dull. You are such a wanderer who does not know where you are and what to do. The NPC’s dialogue is also easily to be missed.


As an isometric game, Divide does not seem as that bad. You can still enjoy the visualization when you shoot the roboticspider things blocking your way. The science fiction hook and setting are really united in narrative gameplay-style especially when David and his daughter discuss their lovely mom. The graphic does not seem too much and is enough to deliver the story. But still, the familiar locations each level or stage are very reasonable here. It requires high intuition to know whether you are on the right path or not. There is nothing much to talk about in this segment.


The Divide is a game that requires deep interpretation to the players. It does not fit for those who want to see more actions and shootings in a game. Instead, it forces you to know how deep the bond between David and his family including her daughter and wife. The gameplay suits with the story whatsoever the complaint about this game. The strength of the story cannot be dismissed easily in this game. Overall, this game is not good for you who need some exaggerating actions. You just need to find where the game leads you to the objectives.