Battlefield 1 Release Date and Info

Battlefield 1

Before EA will launch the Battlefield 1, the Battlefield 1 beta will be released first. There are a couple of unknown details about this game but this post will give a couple of important things that you have to know about the beta version. This game has been confirmed to be played at PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This game will take you back to the World War 1. The developer has confirmed about a couple of important details such as maps, game modes, classes, weapons, vehicles, and much more. The release date of the Battlefield 1 has also been confirmed by the developer. This game will be released on October 13th for EA Access subscribers. This game will also be released at October 18th for Early Enlisters. The developer also will launch this game at October 12st for all the fans around the world. But you do not have to wait until October in order to experience this game. EA will launch the Battlefield 1 beta this year.

Battlefield 1 Alpha

The Battlefield 1 has released a couple of weeks ago for three platforms that are giving choice testers an opportunity in order to play this version of this game and help the developer to find a couple of bugs. Unluckily, the Battlefield 1 alpha is done and for those of you who did not get the chance in order to play this version, you have to wait until the developer releases the Battlefield 1 beta. Based on EA, this game is on the perfect condition at this time if compare to its predecessor. So this is the perfect time for them to set the final product.

The Info of Battlefield 1 Beta

Battlefield 1 has been showed off by the EA DICE for the very first time at the EA play release event, but they did not explain more about the Battlefield 1 beta. The Twitter account of this game has released about the teasers of the beta a couple of days ago. This is perfect sign that many fans will get the exact date when this game will be released. The Senior Producer of EA, Aleksander Grondal has given the teaser of the Battlefield 1 beta. According to him, the company is working on this game now and he guarantees that this game will bring new fun stuff for the players. So you just have to wait until this game will be launched.