3 Pokemon Go Hack Tips For Beginner Pokemon Trainers

Pokemon Go Hack

With these Pokemon Go hack tips, we can catch them all easily. It happens now. The Pokemon Go fever becomes globally with the opening of Asian server recently. The augmented reality is the key that makes this game so popular these days. Many Easter eggs should be unveiled by Pokemon trainers all over the world. Becoming the very best Pokemon trainer is not just a jargon anymore with the release of this game. We can now catch those Pokemons and register them to our Pokedex in this case our smartphone. Let us go to the first hack tip of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Hack: Catching Pikachu

The first tip of Pokemon Go hack is regarding to the most iconic character, Pikachu. Everyone knows who it is. This yellow, cute and sweet rat can be caught from the very beginning of the game. As we know, we will get three starterPokemon once we start the game. They are Bulbasaur, Charmender and Squirtle. To get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, please do not catch any one of those three Pokemon. You can ignore them by moving to another place. Keep walking until you see a Pikachu among them. The fourth starter Pokemon must be Pikachu.

Pokemon Eggs

There is a feature regarding to catch new Pokemon easily via Pokemon Go hack. It is by hatching the eggs. Some beginners do not know how to hatch the eggs to become Pokemon. For your information, you have to incubate the eggs and walk according to particular distance. Some people trick this step by driving through their car. But, the distance does not move if you drive too fast. So, you can try another trick to hatch the eggs faster. It can be done through riding bicycle. If you are too tired to move your body, just tape your phone on ceiling fan. Make sure you have taped the phone securely.

Get More Pokemon

Is your home too hard to find Pokemon? There is an effective trick to get more Pokemon. The key is by finding crowded place. For your information, Pokemon will be spawned if the tendency of cellphone traffic is high at the moment. This is actually the truth about the Pokemon spawn. If you do not believe it, just try to find Pokemon at quite place like mountain or village. The number of the Pokemon will always be less than crowded area. Just find some PokeStops and wait for a while. Some places like monuments, parks, and mall are the best place to catch Pokemon. That is the last Pokemon Go hack for today.