Divide Review: Modern Isometric Game


It is always cool to see an isometric game like Divide hitting modern and future world settings. However, those praises wouldn’t be realized when the game comes with major bugs. The eleven hours of the story becomes the main feature of this game instead. David who has lost his daughter after wearing modern contact lenses on his eyes from the guy who worked with his wife is the character that we should play in this game. He haunts the answer of his lost through a surreal and futuristic setting in the game. This plot is pretty much a good start for an isometric game. But, the result does not always attract us as well.


Honestly, the gameplay of Divide is much more repetitive and cyclical. It makes the game more tedious and unattractive but the story. The poor objectives of the game force you to read and listen to every dialogue lines of the characters very carefully. As a result, the player should explore the same locations repetitively. It is even worse when you see the same layout and design of the area surroundings. And here comes the dull. You are such a wanderer who does not know where you are and what to do. The NPC’s dialogue is also easily to be missed.


As an isometric game, Divide does not seem as that bad. You can still enjoy the visualization when you shoot the roboticspider things blocking your way. The science fiction hook and setting are really united in narrative gameplay-style especially when David and his daughter discuss their lovely mom. The graphic does not seem too much and is enough to deliver the story. But still, the familiar locations each level or stage are very reasonable here. It requires high intuition to know whether you are on the right path or not. There is nothing much to talk about in this segment.


The Divide is a game that requires deep interpretation to the players. It does not fit for those who want to see more actions and shootings in a game. Instead, it forces you to know how deep the bond between David and his family including her daughter and wife. The gameplay suits with the story whatsoever the complaint about this game. The strength of the story cannot be dismissed easily in this game. Overall, this game is not good for you who need some exaggerating actions. You just need to find where the game leads you to the objectives.

Mass Effect: Andromeda and the New Future Mission

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been the talk of the city lately because it seems promising. Yes, the game hasn’t been released just yet – wait until the 21st of March 2017 – but everyone knows the reputation of Mass Effect. And if you are a loyal fan, you know that there are a lot of good things to expect from the game.


Mass Effect: Andromeda and the Development

The new Mass Effect: Andromeda is published by Electronic Arts with BioWare as the developer. If it goes as planned, this game will be available for several different platforms, including the Xbox One, the PS4, and the Microsoft PC. For the American’s date release, it is going to happen on the 21st of March but for the European market, it will be on the 23rd. Nevertheless, you will love this third person shooting game with action filled setting that can be done in both multiplayer and single player mode.  This game is following the footstep of Mass Effect 3 which was released in 2012. During the E3 press conference on the 15th of June 2015, Electronic Arts announced the game release. And the company is definitely expecting the new game to reach the same success level as the previous one.


Mass Effect: Andromeda and the Plot

In this Mass Effect: Andromeda game, you will be playing as Scott or Sara Ryder. There will be different features and installments in the new game. In the previous one, players can start the game and choose the one they like from 6 character classes with each of their unique skill sets. In the new game, however, the player can choose the skills and then build them up over the game course. The points that are given to each skill can be relocated so there is no need to restart the game or build the skills from the beginning ever again – imagine the difficulty of having to do everything from scratch.


The plot is about 600 years in the future of Andromeda Galaxy – which is set far from the first three games of Mass Effect. The main character, Scott and Sara, are the children of the special force N7 soldier, Alec Ryder. They have the mission, Pathfinder, to discover new planets for the human colony. The mission will take place in the starship Tempest where they can explore the limitless universe. What kind of challenges or obstacles to expect? You just have to play the Mass Effect: Andromeda to find the answer, don’t you?


Township Cheat and the Reasons behind It

Township is game for city building and management. Player acts as city mayor who controls the entire development and building. This game is very interesting because player is able to get more cash through many resources, including trading to others. Basically, this game is free and everyone can install in smartphone. However, the features are limited and you need to pay more to get full features. This is why Township cheat comes in handy to overcome such problem.

Nowadays, online game can be played in mobile devices, such as smartphone. Developer of Township expands this game into this area, so everyone can play at his or her hand. However, new era of mobile game is already emerged. Township is offered as free, but with in-app purchase. Do you know what that mean? This sign is always in many games for mobile. There is no charge to install, but free mode cannot get full feature. For example, you need to wait too long until the crop is ready. Moreover, cash and coins are at low amount, though players already work hard to earn. To overcome such issue, you have two ways. Firstly, pay for advanced feature. It takes real money to get them. Secondly, rely on Township hack to get unlimited cash.

The second way looks promising due to no money to be spent. Actually, using Township cheat has pros and cons. certain players do not like cheat due to regard as fair play. On contrary, the rest of them want to use cheat because they want to finish the game as soon as possible and stay on the top list. Every player has desire to pass the top levels in Township. Even though this game is for fun, there are still many players with serious attention to be the top manager of city. When you are on top list of player, everyone wants to put you on friend list and do trading.

Township cheat provides unlimited coins, gold, and cash. However, players need to be careful when getting this hack. Basically, you can write any number of coins, but too much coin will make it suspicious. Everyone tries to guess where you will get such coins suddenly. They will look into your city and its properties. To prevent such things, it is better to get usual coins, but stable every day.

Another guideline is to use Township cheat without installation. Online cheat is better because it is safe from virus and malware. Moreover, operating system will easily recognize unidentified application then terminate it immediately. Online cheat is available for free, so you can enjoy unlimited resources to build your city.

Roblox Trick to be Popular

Roblox is the virtual reality where people meet each other through the avatars. It becomes popular because you can build your own virtual worlds and create your own game. You can even get a lot of new friends by playing this game.  Since the whole point of this game is about interacting with other players, it is possible for you to be famous in Roblox. However, it is not easy to make your avatar become popular in this online virtual playground. If you are stuck in trying to obtain the Roblox popularity, you do not need Roblox hack, but you should learn about the Roblox trick instead.

There are several steps to be reminded while you are in the efforts of making your Roblox account renowned. You need to remember that each of this Roblox trick is not the only way to achieve your goal. But, if you are a little bit lost while trying to get your account into the ranks of hot stuff, every single Roblox trick is worth to try in order to refresh your mind. Sometimes, it is quite tiring to repeating the same method over and over again. Maybe all you need is just some inspirations of how to do it differently.

The first trick is to make sure that you have the awesome icon. On the games page, there are a lot of different Roblox game and each of them has an icon. The first impression is important for your game. That is why you need to be sure that you pick the intriguing icon. The next Roblox trick is to add videos or images that will be considered informative. When your icon is already interesting enough to be the ‘click bait’, then you need to make sure that people will play your game. Some educational images and videos can really help you.

Imagination is not the only important thing for your game creation process. To get your game noticed easily, you might want to be classified into a certain genre. You also need to do your own research about each genre, so you will have enough comprehension before starting to join a certain genre. The next trick is to be friendly and be social. Make sure that you give the updates about your activities on a forum. Start conversations with other players and start to give a feedback as well. Finally, the most important Roblox trick to gain more fame is to keep trying. Have fun!

The Witness Spoiler-Free Tips

For those of you who are looking for a couple of guidance of the Witness but you do want not to have all of the solutions, this post will give a couple of spoiler-free tips that will help you when you have problem.

When you have a journey through the mysterious island, you will find a couple of puzzle panels which come with odd colors and symbols which at first glance makes no sense. If you have this kind of situation, it is better for you to leave them and you can explore until you find a couple of more basic puzzle panels which show the new mechanics more deliberately and slowly.

If the specific puzzle is showing the trouble for you with no clear answer, you have to focus on your surroundings. Panel or puzzle sometimes is connected to something in environment or related to the perspective matter.

A lot of Choices

You have to keep in mind that not all of the puzzles come in one solution. The real fact is that there are a couple of puzzles that come with different paths and a couple of end or start points, and also a couple of them that can trigger a couple of different switches. You have to consider about the puzzle panels that have more than one cable that is connected and check out when you solve it which ones light up.

The Light should be followed

It has been mentioned above that when specific panels are done, cables should be corresponded so that the power will be lighted up. You just have to follow these cables for those of you who not sure where the place to go next. They will sometimes go to the panels that have been previously disabled, and areas that have been previously locked can be opened up.

Audio Visual

You have to consider that what is in front of you is not relied by every puzzle. For those of you who cannot find anything which is relevant to the jobs at hand, maybe there will be audio cues in specific areas of the island which can lead you to the solution for the puzzle that you deal with.

You have to check out how structural the puzzle is in the Witness. They all start with huge circle, follow a path, and finish at a half circle. You will start finding these shapes if you explore long enough.


Simcity Buildit Trick Without Cheating

Suppose you have started playing Simcity, you may face difficulties to develop and expand your city. That’s when you need help by applying some of the most effective Simcity Buildit trick. These tricks are the best helps you can get. In no time, you will get more cash and have your city highly developed.

6 Best Simcity Buildit Trick

  1. Do not stop building and working

In order to get ahead in the game and compete better with other player, you must keep producing at all times. Your factories have to keep producing all the items for your cities and to be sold. The items are what you need to build and improve your city. When you have enough supplies, you can do upgrade anytime your residences need. Not only are you working constantly but also quickly.

  1. Fulfill basic items

Building houses is not enough to give to your residences. You have to provide the services that the residences need. The services are basically divided into the basic services and additional services. In this case, you have to focus on basic services first. Then, when you have fulfilled all the basic service, you can go on additional services like Park, Educational and more else. When you are able to make the residences of your city happy, you will get more taxes. And more taxes equal more cash.

  1. Find the best deals

Another Simcity Buildit trick requires you to be constantly aware of exiting deals. You have to look above your buildings and find coins icons if there are any. The deals require you to give something. But in return, you will get Simoleons or gold and that’s what makes the deals are too good to be missed. Deals are shortcut to get Simoleons anyway. You can also use Simcity Buildit hack tool.

  1. Get upgrade materials

You surely know that you can upgrade your existing building. And once you get the chance, you should not think twice to do it. But you need some materials to upgrade. You can do this by tapping icons appearing above your residences. If you are lucky, you will obtain special item you need for upgrading.

  1. Plan your city constantly

Simcity Buildit trick is mostly about building, upgrading and expanding the city. Therefore, you have to keep making plans for your city to be a better city. For instance, you plan industrial section once you’ve done building primary residential.

  1. Watch stats and keep the residence happy

The last Simcity Buildit trick is to keep a good watch on the stats. It means you have to keep your residences happy by giving them what they need.

Tips on Saving Baterry on Android for Your Emergency Situations


The battery one your Android smartphone can be considered as one of the most important thing. This is one reason why more and more people are searching for the tips on saving battery of Android, especially if they are on the emergency situations where they cannot find the power source to charge their smartphone. If you are also experiencing the same thing, then you might want to try some of these simple tips below to save your battery even better.

The first tip that you can try is turning off the applications that drain your battery at most. This kind of setting can be easily found on the main setting of your phone and the battery usage. The tips on saving battery of Android can be considered as one of the best since you can save some of your battery powers for few hours. The next tip that you can easily try is setting your internet connection usage. If you have a lot of different social medias that require you to refresh and use data connection every minute, then you will need to change that setting. That is because you can easily set the refresh time around 30 to 60 minutes. This will surely help you save some of your battery powers.

The last tip that you can easily try is turning off all of the connections that you do not really need. This is something that many people do not want to do, especially when they are asked to turn off their internet connection. Actually, this one can be considered as the best tips on saving battery of Android because you can save your battery for more than six hours without using the internet connection. You can still use your phone for call and standard message. That means, you are not isolated at all. You just need to turn off the internet connection and everything is just fine. Therefore, you might want to try this once in a while.

Those are some simple tips that you can easily try if you want to save some of your battery powers on the emergency situation. If you do not want to try any of those tips on saving battery of Android above but you do not want to run out of battery, then you will need another power source such as power bank. That can be a nice power source option that you can easily take wherever you want.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Online for Instant Gold and Gems

For almost every Pixel Gun 3D enthusiast, having unlimited gold and gems is definitely an ultimate goal. Congrats, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a Pixel Gun 3D hack online tool. This Pixel Gun 3D quick hack will allow you to add unlimited gold and gems without costing you any money. Get all the fancy weapons, skins, boots, and armor for free since you do not have to spend any dime for the currency, the gold or the gems. Who would not want these stuffs for free? Do great in battles by using the Pixel Gun 3D hack tool. Find the complete tutorial below to find how to get gold and gems for free.


Pixel Gun 3D Hack Online for Starters

If you are new to the cheat, firstly, quit the game before starting the Pixel Gun 3D hack online. When you are done, click the link to the generator. Remember, this generator is hosted online, hence you do not need to download the hack to your computer or devices. After you clicked the link, you will need to input your username and click ‘connect’. Simply input the amount of gold, gems, or any other resources that you want. After that, click the “Get Activation Coder Here!” button. Unblock the activation code and enter the code that you get in the “activation code field”. Lastly, open your game to check whether the resources are all updated.

In using the generator, you should not add more than 150,000 gems at the same time. If you input more than that, you will be detected by the security filter. However, you can always use the Pixel Gun 3D hack online for several times until you get the desired amount. Repeat the steps above as much as you need as it works great.

By using Pixel Gun 3D hack online, you will not harm your computer or gadgets by downloading dangerous cheats to your devices. As long as you have an internet connection, adding resources is an easy task to do. The connection is safe and anonymous, hence you will not need to worry about the security and privacy. Since this generator is hosted online, of course, you do not need to jailbreak or even root your devices. Enjoy the cool user interface of the Pixel Gun 3D hack online and enjoy free gold and gems anytime you want.

5G Technologies: Faster and Better


4G networks of today offer faster access for your data, but there is a drawback of this road beyond 4G particularly as the rapid consumption of wireless data in order to outpace the ability of industry in order to meet demand, so that there is 5G technology.

Luckily, researchers from all over the world are inventing new networks which are called 5G which will change many people’s live and solve the problem of economic, but there are a couple of challenges in order to achieve this.

You now have the chance in order to redefine the networks by using 5G technologies in order to use faster data access and to support better capacity and support the wealth of diverse and new connected devices which comprise the Internet of Things or IoT. But in order to solve the problem of IoT, researchers require the proper technologies and tools in order to explore the next spectrum and to create and prototype the concept of 5G faster.

Increased Capabilities, Connectivity, and Speeds

It is true that the 5G networks have to accommodate a couple of more devices and users while giving more data to every user at any given time. Researchers all over the world from a couple of big universities and companies, such as NYU Wireless, TU Dresden, Intel, Samsung, National Instruments, and Nokia, are already working to advance the 5G tech in order to enhance wireless capabilities, connectivity, and speeds and decide the future of 5G by prototyping the real world systems.

The real fact is that NI and Nokia are collaborated in order to enhance the fastest cellular 5G tech ever which has been tested at speeds of 10 Gigabits per second that is 30 times faster than 4G. In order to offer the reference frame, the a two-hour video can be downloaded by a user in 40 minutes in order to use highest speed networks in perfect conditions, but by using 5G speeds, this same video can be downloaded by user in just a couple of seconds.

The 5G networks future will use wavelengths in high-frequency spectrum bands which are lightly licensed or largely unlicensed. The new spectrum bands is one of the important things in this brand new technology that can be used to deliver low latency that is crucial in order to use mobile application or playing games on your phone. It is also important to deal with vast range of devices which have been connected.

3 Pokemon Go Hack Tips For Beginner Pokemon Trainers

Pokemon Go Hack

With these Pokemon Go hack tips, we can catch them all easily. It happens now. The Pokemon Go fever becomes globally with the opening of Asian server recently. The augmented reality is the key that makes this game so popular these days. Many Easter eggs should be unveiled by Pokemon trainers all over the world. Becoming the very best Pokemon trainer is not just a jargon anymore with the release of this game. We can now catch those Pokemons and register them to our Pokedex in this case our smartphone. Let us go to the first hack tip of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Hack: Catching Pikachu

The first tip of Pokemon Go hack is regarding to the most iconic character, Pikachu. Everyone knows who it is. This yellow, cute and sweet rat can be caught from the very beginning of the game. As we know, we will get three starterPokemon once we start the game. They are Bulbasaur, Charmender and Squirtle. To get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, please do not catch any one of those three Pokemon. You can ignore them by moving to another place. Keep walking until you see a Pikachu among them. The fourth starter Pokemon must be Pikachu.

Pokemon Eggs

There is a feature regarding to catch new Pokemon easily via Pokemon Go hack. It is by hatching the eggs. Some beginners do not know how to hatch the eggs to become Pokemon. For your information, you have to incubate the eggs and walk according to particular distance. Some people trick this step by driving through their car. But, the distance does not move if you drive too fast. So, you can try another trick to hatch the eggs faster. It can be done through riding bicycle. If you are too tired to move your body, just tape your phone on ceiling fan. Make sure you have taped the phone securely.

Get More Pokemon

Is your home too hard to find Pokemon? There is an effective trick to get more Pokemon. The key is by finding crowded place. For your information, Pokemon will be spawned if the tendency of cellphone traffic is high at the moment. This is actually the truth about the Pokemon spawn. If you do not believe it, just try to find Pokemon at quite place like mountain or village. The number of the Pokemon will always be less than crowded area. Just find some PokeStops and wait for a while. Some places like monuments, parks, and mall are the best place to catch Pokemon. That is the last Pokemon Go hack for today.

Battlefield 1 Release Date and Info

Battlefield 1

Before EA will launch the Battlefield 1, the Battlefield 1 beta will be released first. There are a couple of unknown details about this game but this post will give a couple of important things that you have to know about the beta version. This game has been confirmed to be played at PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This game will take you back to the World War 1. The developer has confirmed about a couple of important details such as maps, game modes, classes, weapons, vehicles, and much more. The release date of the Battlefield 1 has also been confirmed by the developer. This game will be released on October 13th for EA Access subscribers. This game will also be released at October 18th for Early Enlisters. The developer also will launch this game at October 12st for all the fans around the world. But you do not have to wait until October in order to experience this game. EA will launch the Battlefield 1 beta this year.

Battlefield 1 Alpha

The Battlefield 1 has released a couple of weeks ago for three platforms that are giving choice testers an opportunity in order to play this version of this game and help the developer to find a couple of bugs. Unluckily, the Battlefield 1 alpha is done and for those of you who did not get the chance in order to play this version, you have to wait until the developer releases the Battlefield 1 beta. Based on EA, this game is on the perfect condition at this time if compare to its predecessor. So this is the perfect time for them to set the final product.

The Info of Battlefield 1 Beta

Battlefield 1 has been showed off by the EA DICE for the very first time at the EA play release event, but they did not explain more about the Battlefield 1 beta. The Twitter account of this game has released about the teasers of the beta a couple of days ago. This is perfect sign that many fans will get the exact date when this game will be released. The Senior Producer of EA, Aleksander Grondal has given the teaser of the Battlefield 1 beta. According to him, the company is working on this game now and he guarantees that this game will bring new fun stuff for the players. So you just have to wait until this game will be launched.

Boom Beach Triche apk Made by Supercell

Boom Beach triche apk is the actual application of the online game established by Supercell. For the writer personally, she thinks that none of the people that did not know about how creative Supercell makes all of their games. It is because nearly all of the Supercell’s creations will create such a big hit. There would be no application that creates disappointing result after being established by Supercell. This popular game seems to have been able to hypnotize the people who have been attracted and captivated with the creativity offered by Supercell.




Boom Beach Triche apk Gives Different Experiences

Sometimes people will feel quite confused whether they want to download the Boom Beach triche apk or not, reminding that it is not the official application then it may bring the harm to the device that you are going to access. In fact, for those people as the Android users, they might have their own way of protecting their devices by the antivirus. They are able to have this apk to be downloaded into their mobile device. Is this apk is as same as the hack tool application? Well, I can say so.

Sometimes people do not want to have everything they need in a long time. They are not that patient enough to wait on such a long queue. They want to have the simplest path to enjoy all the happiness without waiting. That is why sometimes people prefer to have Boom Beach Générateur instead of playing the game normally without any presence of the hack tool or the hack generator. It saves a lot of time, it brings a lot of benefits, and also it reduces the people to feel annoyed and grumble.

The people are nowadays benefitted in this kind of application. The creator of those similar applications may have gotten a lot of visitors or whatsoever and the people can find themselves enveloped in a collection of gold, coins, and also gems which will never run out. They will have the rapid progress and your current level will be abandoned because you will leap to the next of the following level that you are in. Every single thing that is required in this game will be provided for free. Even you are able to access this hack tool for your personal needs for more than once. Is not it beneficial to have Boom Beach triche apk?

Clash Royale Triche That Works for Android and iPhone

games cover clash royale

Clash Royale Triche That Works can be different from a mobile device with another. As probably there are many people accessing the Clash Royale triche at the same time, the system itself will be overloaded and it causes such a big mess. The people will think that such kinds of triche will not work at all but apparently it is just the system that does not work well based on the way you had hoped it would be like. Thus, if you want to make these tricks work well on your mobile phones, you need to make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements needed for this to happen.

Clash Royale Triche That Works for Both Android and iPhone

Clash Royale Triche That Works can actually be used for a wide range of accounts of the game Clash Royale. Thus, it means that when a group of yours want to use the same hack tool, they do not have the hack tool downloaded because they can take use of the one who has downloaded. How could this happen? Is it something reasonable or something tricky? Find the answer here.

Before using the hack tool or the Clash Royale Triche That Works, you are supposed to fill in the username or emails with the passwords, of course. Then it may take a while because the system will try to connect theirs with yours. It can be whatever your wishes to come true. Then you have to be patient in waiting the results to come. It will not turn out to be an hour, indeed. But at least you have to wait a bit longer because they have to find your account, they have to match the number of your gems and coins to be sent over, and also they have to protect your mobile devices from any harm.

The players should have been trying their best to follow the right path for them to be successful in doing the trick of the triche of the Clash Royale associated with their accounts well. When you want to share the same feeling of being stuck in waiting everything done in seconds, there would be a swamp of people who have the same feeling towards you. They might have been too bored to notice, too annoyed to get new level, and also too weak to win over another. In fact, you can beat those impossible statements with Clash Royale Triche That Works.

Quantum Break Tips And Tactics

Quantum Break

Developed by Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break is an action-adventure third-person shooter science fiction video game available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One published by Microsoft Studios. It uses unique live-action cut scenes throughout the game. You may watch episodes between each of its five chapters for 20 minute long to help you see the antagonist’s mental state. An evil corporation, time-travel, and slight brotherly love are some of the story influence between chapters that is affected by your decision in the game.

Quantum Break Features

It is a risky idea blending a game and a TV show altogether and there is some aspects that don’t work well. But there are aspects of Quantum Break that may please gamers here including the right time hotheaded and hectic combat, and you can get in depth story line with the cut scenes show. Unfortunately, since you have the decision to steer where the plot will go through, there are some cut scenes and shows that do not get well together. Characters may response, and a result on facets of game may continue in different ways and there is different play out in some minor events.

The lead character Jack Joyce played by Shawn Ashmore has the time-bending ability. There is also Lance Reddick character played by Martin Hatch delivers a great performance that would help Jack in solving cases right up until the very end of the game. You will also find many other lesser-famous actors who also deliver good performances that are seen on the show’s shortcomings. Unfortunately, Quantum Break should content clear flaws though there are awesome shots, chasing cars and henchmen fighting.

Quantum Break Gameplay

Regular session of combat shows the best aspects of its gameplay even if you skip its optional shows. The main aspect of the show is the combat. Players are shown the ability to manipulate time at the start of the game, which allows you to accelerate your movement, decelerate combat, freeze bullets using shields you create, and direct Time Blast bombs to attack enemies. You may take a few times to learn how to use the abilities and link them together as well as the best way to wait their cool down timer. While you open fire you can cast a shield around you to protect yourself when you start line of sight on an enemy and drive yourself into threat. Quantum Break lets you cast a Time Blast to refresh your abilities when you lack your defense and find alternative for your attack.

Finding Subway Surfers Hack Online Tool from the Internet

playing subway surfers

Subway Surfers hack online tool will make you able to hack the game without installing anything in your device. It will use the online tools to hack the game. It can be something simple and doesn’t consume the memory in your device. You just need to find the proper online hack tool to get your game hacked. When you make your game get hacked, it means that you will get many unlocked items in the game. You can get unlimited coins, all characters unlocked, surfing boards unlocked, and many more. Then, how can you get the online hack tool for Subway Surfers?

Finding Subway Surfers hack online tool can be easy and difficult at the same time. Why it’s happen? It can be something easy because you can find it from the internet. When you try to search it in Google, there will be many websites appears that offer the online hack tool for Subway Surfers. If you are lucky, you will get a website that truly give you the online hack tool. But, there are so many websites, can you directly get the proper one at the short of time? You will need much time to visit the website one by one and make sure they give the proper online hack tool.

There are many websites that only use the popularity of Subway Surfers hack online tool to get some extra cash by asking you to visit other pages or complete a survey. It can be said this kind of website is a scam. Surely you will find this kind of website when searching for the online hack tool. You should read the comments in the website. It will give you the information about the hack tool from the previous visitors. You will be able to decide whether the website is a scam or not and whether the online hack tool is working or not.

You can also try to visit some forums. There are many members in the forum that will help you to get the online hack tool. Surely there will be also some discussion about the working online hack tool for Subway Surfers. You can also add more friends and get some help when you find other difficulties in other time. So, getting the online hack tool for this game is not easy. You should give some efforts to get Subway Surfers hack online tool that working.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones Review

This War of Mine

This War of Mine: The Little Ones is the successor of the original This War of Mine that was released for PC over a year ago. This game itself was released just a few days ago, on January 29th, 2016. This new version offers something new for you such as some mod tools and few of updates. The previous version of this game is full of brutality contents. But, in this new version, the game adds children to the mix. It will be something new and more interesting to be played.

Because there is children addition in this game, you will not find brutality narrative story and it’s surely more palatable. The children addition in This War of Mine: The Little Ones will add new dimension in the story. Although the game is moved from PC to console, the basic of the game is still the same with the previous version. You will start the game from an Eastern European wreck of a house where you should take care of three poor survivors alive. There are some characters that you will meet in the beginning of the game, Bruno, a cook; Pavle, an ex-football star; Marko, the Pavle’s best friend; and Katia; a journalist.

Remember, you should keep the survivors feel comfortable and feed them too by doing hard work. In the night you do some activities such as sleeping, guard the house, and go into the world to add more supplies. If you are in a good luck, you will find no one home and you can trade for supplies easily. But sometimes the scrounging supplies turn into stealth game where you should sneak from them who are more desperate than you. In This War of Mine: The Little Ones, when you decide to gout and leave your home, make sure that it’s well protected or you will find some items missing and someone bleeding to death.

The game is not so difficult although in the beginning you will get some difficulties. After your hard work for three days, your food supplies will full, have enough water, the hole in the home get patched, and every survivor has coffee and cigarettes. In This War of Mine: The Little Ones, you should use your keyboard and mouse recently. Then, to heal and comfort the depressed survivors, you should have much conversations with them. Playing this game is really fun and enjoyable.

Hay Day Triche Tutorial with Step-by-Step Guidance


Are you fond of playing online games from your Android devices? Then hay day made by Supercell is one of those well-known farming games you need to consider. Playing hay day is not that easy because you need to have a lot of diamonds and also coins. However, when you have problem collecting it, you can take benefits of the hay day triche tutorial. For the people who know nothing about hack tutorial or hack online, you do not have to feel worried or troubled because here we are going to guide you with step-by-step tutorial which can help you out of this bewilderment.

Hay day triche tutorial with step-by-step guidance might facilitate all of you to know exactly what you should do first, then what to do next, and how to end it up getting both diamonds and coins that you want to get so badly. If you are going to have tons of diamonds and sacks of coins, here we are going to tell you what you should really do to make it happens.

There are only 5 steps of following the guidance from us. Although it might be only a few things to do but it will turn out so great in your playing account. We are getting started.

  1. You need to access generator and start entering your username you use in your hay day profile. Sometimes it can be the name you use in your Facebook account too.
  2. There would be 2 blank columns of amounts you need to fill it. The first one is the amount of coins while the other is the amount of diamonds. For both columns, the maximum number you can set up is 50.000 each.
  3. Under those two columns, you can notice there are 2 choices that you can tick. The first one is use proxy and the other one is unlock all building. You can tick both of them so that without reaching some certain levels, you can have bought and installed those building and machines.
  4. After everything has been fully filled, you can click the button of proceed and it will process your demand. When it is nearly finished, you need to verify that you are not bot.
  5. Restart you device once and log in again into your account which is linked to the game. Enjoy the game.

Thus, these 5 steps of hay day hack tutorial might enable you to have better facilities while playing.

Street Fighter V beta shows alternative costumes

Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter V beta version was just released by its developer, Capcom, recently. This is the thing that makes the Street Fighter lovers awaited for long time ago. Furthermore, this beta version is not alone. Capcom also presents the alternative costumes especially the main characters of this legendary game. In other words, players are able to choose those alternative costumes in this beta release obviously. According to the latest report, there are some Youtubers who already uploaded the videos which are shown those costumes for each character. We know that Street Fighter is a classic game which still exists until the fifth series now. Of course, it has memorable characters which are loved by its fans out there. This benefit is taken by Capcom by releasing unusual costumes.

Moreover, Capcom gives pre-order bonus costumes for Street Fighter V especially for Chun-Li and Ryu during this beta release. In other words, the players who are pre-ordering the game on their consoles or PC are able to get Battle Costume outfits for both characters. FYI, Chun-Li is the remarkable character of Street Fight as same as Ryu and Ken. However, Chun-Li Battle Costume is only available on PC and PS Store. Meanwhile, Ryu is only available at GameStop. It means you can get both characters’ costumes in the same console or PC because it is pre-ordering separately.

The Street Fighter V beta release is not ended yet because Capcom officially showed the official strategy guide of this game. This guide will give you complete combos and strategy information which we can use while playing this game. Moreover, they also show the weakness and strength for each character such as Chun-Li is weak against Ryu or vice versa. This is very useful for us who do not play the previous series of Street Fighter games obviously. Furthermore, we have better strategy and combos against our enemies and make this game more competitive later.

FYI, this game will be released on February 16, 2016. Unfortunately, the target market is only North America and Europe only at the release. Asia and other countries will follow those markets continuously after the release. The lucky consoles which can test this game are PC and PlayStation 4 only. Before you play the game, it is better to know the official characters which are included in the newest Street Fighter series. Those characters can be earned by playing the game or purchasing with the real money. They are Ibuki, Guile, Urien, Juri, Balrog and many more that are categorized as new comers on the Street Fighter V yet.


8 ball pool hack online daily update for all smartphone devices


If you are asking which one of hack that very effective, we will answer it with 8 Ball Pool hack online. Hack online means that you do not have to download everything. You just enter email and username and the hack works perfectly. It reduces the virus or malware risks for sure. Moreover, the way to hack it is very easy. That is the main reason why you must do hack online instead of offline or tools. We know that 8 Ball pool offers in-game store which is very wasting our precious money. Our hack will save all of you from this purchasing activity.

This 8 Ball Pool hack online is also called as Online Generator. Yeah, it derives from the original purpose of this hack, to generate the unlimited coins, chips and many more via internet only. We believe you do not have to pay-to-win this game because it is a hundred percent free. Your difficult game changes into easiest one. If you are focusing to play this game, you will be on leaderboard soon. Leaderboard could be yours if you have the high scores in this game. For your information, 8 Ball pool has a big number of players. It is getting bigger and bigger every day and you must be involved to try this game without paying.

Our 8 Ball Pool hack online is a web-based hack which will not force you to download the tool. Sometimes, downloaded hack tools bring big risks for your PC. It can harm your computer and smartphone undetectable. For this reason, we create a very simple way to hack this game. What you need are only email/facebook account and username of 8 Ball pool game. This is very beneficial if you want to try our hack without worrying with the risks. Thus, you can boosts up your stats and ranks in-game.

Just try our 8 Ball Pool hack online freely now. We will update the content as soon as possible if the developers update the game and closed the bugs where our hack working. They provide their players with in-game purchasing in order to obtain coins and cash. In other words, they are the currencies of this game because you can boost up your account with these currencies. However, these beneficial features require your real money. Meanwhile, our hack will give those features without money. Which one you prefer? It is on your choice now.

Plants vs. Zombie 2 Garden Warfare 2 Beta is on-going for 4 days

Plants vs. Zombie 2

The Plants vs. Zombie 2 or entitled as Garden Warfare 2 lovers will be happy now because the Beta phase is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users globally. In other words, we do not have to wait the release version of this game in February anymore. This game is now on open-beta per January 14 2016 ago. However, this open-beta is only for four days which means that it will be ended on January 18 2016. Although it is very fast, at least we will know the gameplay of this game through the beta-phase. You can download the game on its official website for sure.

The Plants vs. Zombie 2 can be accessed for beta testers since yesterday for Xbox and PlayStation users. However, this beta is only showing the scaled-down version of the game. It means that the gameplay is not the whole menu of Garden Warfare 2 but only Backyard Battleground. For your information, this mode is a center server which becomes the connectors between players and the map. So, it is a menu which is important to play multiplayer mode in the game. There are three main modes or maps that available in this open beta phase. Let us show them below.

The first mode of Backyard Battleground of Plants vs. Zombie 2 is the King of the Hill. As you can see on the title, this mode will become the attractive mode because you will fight against other player to be the king on the map. Secondly, it is Flag of Power which is a defense of the flag mode to make enemies lose by flapping our flag. Those modes are escalating fights between players into another. The third more requires 24 players which are named as Herbal Assault and Gardens and Graveyards. For this mode, you can play in 2 maps; they are Seeds of Time and Moon Base Z. All of those modes are available on the open beta. There are many modes which we cannot put in this post one by one.

There are also some characters which are able to be played in this beta such as Rose, Citron, Kernel Corn, Super Brainz and many more. You can choose them when you want to choose the mode. Sad news for PC users, there is no announcement about the open beta phase for PC. The developer only said Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as the main consoles for this open beta. Therefore, PC users should wait until the release date of Plants vs. Zombie 2 on the early of February.